Typical activities of this organization will be engaged in are mixed-income housing developments, publicly subsidized multifamily housing where a deliberate mixing of income groups is a fundamental aspect of this organization's mission and goal.  To this end, CDC-SL will do all in its will and control to minimize any and all political influences.  Further, CDC-SL iintends to use competitive advantage amongst Members of Parliament and Paramount Chiefs to influence the location of said affordable housing and community development to any province interested in "Bringing home the beacon".  Our services will vary and not limited to the following:

​​-Commercial Real Estate Development​​-Development Management​​-Retail Site Analysis​​-Site Acquisition​​-Feasibility Studies​​-Corporate Relocations​​-Site Selection​​-Municipal Approvals Processing​​-Land Acquisition​​-Leasing Management​​-Real Estate Finance​​-Shopping Centers​​-Office Buildings​​-Industrial Buildings​​-Industrial Leasing​​-Community Centers​​-Indoor/Outdoor Recreational Complexes​​-Hospitals​​-Community Centers
Said constructions and services will be developed and located throughout rural Freetown and/or provinces in the eastern, northern and southern provinces in Sierra Leone [excluding Greater Freetown area or capital city].  Further, these constructions will be within commuting distance to existing metropolitan and suburban areas where population averages 1.5 million and over-crowded; however with plenty of available land for development.

One of the many functions of CDC-SL is to expand local affordable housing and support services to people without housing not limited to the following programs: people with disabilities, the homeless, low and moderate income residents. CDC-SL will work closely with local and national governments; non-profit organizations to deliver housing assistance and other services that will help each community develop and self-sustain the amenities of their citizens.

Notwithstanding, much of our work will be accomplished through various financing sources including our valuable partnerships with local government, community managers and supervisors, and other non-profit contributions.