Financing Goals
In order to tailor our needs to fit both our mission and your individual goals, CDC-SL must find the appropriate mix of incomes to benefit, encourage and jump-start our financing goals.  As a non-profit organization, CDC-SL is seeking financing from various means to provide those vital services that address the most pressing social problems and strengthen our communities. With our varied business models and unique operating environments, we need partnerships that can appreciate their particular financial situations while providing a solution  to meet goals as we stride towards becoming the cornerstones of our communities.

Donors (Tax Exempt) -
Starting a non-profit organization and finding money to fund our ventures is a challenge, will take time and many hours of work. Finding the funds to start is going to be difficult. However, we are excited to see this project underway and eager to break ground sooner than later. Your generous tax deductible donations (financial, expertise and/or in kind) will bring us closer to this milestone, and our ultimate goal to provide affordable housing throughout Sierra Leone. You can be a part of this excitement by supporting our mission with your (Tax Exempt) donation; and we look forward to various other contributions from businesses, community leaders, Friends of Sierra Leone and your individual support.

Future Owners - 
CDC-SL is looking for Sierra Leoneans, friends of Sierra Leone  and investors with a long range view who are considering to repatriate whether to retire or make SIerra Leone their home-away-from-home to become partners as we journey towards making this dream to come true.   
We are looking to identify exceptional investment opportunities by targeting investors with the following attributes:

- Plans to retire in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years
- Willing to invest a reasonable amount as down-payment towards the purchase of their dream home at one of our very many community housing developments throughout Sierra Leone.
Grants -
In addition to seeking seed money from Sierra Leoneans and friends (both in and out of SL) interested in purchasing a home at one of our developments, CDC-SL seeks to explore other national and international sources of funding through grants and donations to make all of our dreams a reality.